Monday, May 23, 2011

Can Kids Be a Hobby?

Well, you may have thought I dropped of the edge of the world, but I didn't.  I have been consumed with my kids.  Our son, Charlie, is heading off to university and we spent many a night talking over the dinner table, discussing the various pros and cons of the universities that he was accepted to.  Then there were a couple trips to university candidates, which were great opportunities to spend some one on one time with my amazing guy before he launches.  Then there were letters to write, worrying to be done, and waiting for final offers of scholarships.  Then finally it all came together - and hurrah, he was set!  The right school and the right financial package!

Then there was Miss Maia.  She has demonstrated some need for some extra academic support - this is a kid that can play Bach on the piano.... with two hands.... dances beautifully.... and she can jump rope backwards with her arms crossed over her chest!!!!  But, alas she will benefit from some targeted intervention... So, this required much reading on my part, calls to various therapists, waiting lists, school meetings and such until.... ahhhhh finally, I think we have a recipe that just might do a body good.

I have felt much like I do when I am crafting.  Research, hours that just seem to disappear, excitement, anxiety and satisfaction when the results start to be seen.

Now, I have a pile of things that have been awaiting finishing (or starting) and I can't wait to get back to work.  But... oh, did I mention the chickens....

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