Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's About Time

I am back.  I know I said that before, and I meant it.  I mean it again.  Today I went to the Western New York Miniatures Enthusiast's Dollhouse and Miniatures Show.  I don't buy much at these things (surprisingly), because I just love the ideas that start to whirl in my cobwebbed brain.  I left with twenty new ideas and the inspiration to finally dig my craft room out, again.  After the summer of driving - driving to speech therapy, cottage, school, New York City - and back again, and again, and again... - I was guilty of dropping whatever I didn't have time to find the proper home for in my craft room.  After a couple hours tidying and organizing, I was thrilled to see the floor again.  So I am back in business, and it feels darn good. Yay!

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