Saturday, February 26, 2011


There aren't many things better than crafting with friends.  Through friends we get encouragement, celebration and good honest criticism.  Friends introduce us to others they think we might have something in common with.  My friend, Merideth, has been one of my very dearest for the last fifteen or so years and this week she introduced me to Tasha Tudor.  While she never had the opportunity to meet Tasha Tudor herself, she knows her well through her collection of vintage and current books and wonderfully slow documentaries.  I have to admit, Tasha Tudor has never been much more than a name on two of my favorite childhood books, A Little Princess and The Secret Garden.  Anything other mention of her was, to me, a corporate logo on many cards, books, and so on.

It would be putting it mildly to say Merideth was surprised that Tasha was not on my list of inspiring women, because when I finally "met" Tasha I felt a recognition of spirit and productivity that was hard to put into words.  Tasha Tudor lived by her own rules, created her own reality, enjoyed herself thoroughly and gave no apologies for choosing to live according to her muse.  I must admit, I became totally fascinated by her and I have spent the last several days reading everything I could about her.  She was not perfect, but my oh my, I would love to have her quiet, yet absolute, certainty that life is ours to create, coupled with the resolution to create it.  She is an example worthy of imitation.

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  1. Thank you, I feel the same way about you. Good friends support and inspire one another and you do both of those things for me. You are exceptionally talented and gifted, with the ability to "get to the heart of the matter". I usually buy or order from the library, 3 new books and start 3 new projects after we spend any time together. I think that you are an example worthy of imitation!