Thursday, February 17, 2011

Point of Departure

I feel great and I certainly don't need therapy, right now anyways... But I do have a plethora of projects and materials bought when those blue moods passed through me.  I have a little doll house, created during a particularly down period that I call my "Cheaper than Therapy Doll House."  One difficult afternoon, when my very intense, youngest daughter was still a toddler, I was finding it difficult to do much more than feed and hold her. I put her down for a nap and was ready for a good cry.  Well, the tears didn't flow, because I was frankly too aware that I had waited for years for this child and I was not going to regret or feel overwhelmed by caring for her.

But, boy I did feel blue, so I decided I needed to find something to do with myself that would help me feel better.  I somehow knew that if I got my hands busy it would distract me from my blues. I couldn't leave the house, so while she napped, I flipped open my computer and began to cruise Ebay.  Ebay you ask, dear reader?  Well, being home, full time, with three children, made me very fluent in finding what I wanted, for the price I wanted.  I searched for "doll house" and Bingo!  A kit from the 1970's in its original box for $17.50.  Just what I wanted.  I went to sleep that night smiling, with visions of hours spent in relaxed crafting.

So how does this relate to my current journey?  Since I began that little doll house, over six years ago, I have accumulated many happy hours crafting and evidence that this type of work with your hands can bring you out of the doldrums.  I also accumulated many piles of material for many types of handwork - fabric, wood, yarn, thread, electrical supplies, wool roving, paint, papers, and piles and piles of books describing every possible hand craft.  All of this, I am ready to release to the world - a symbol that you can hold onto feelings and things or you can pass through them and send them on their way.

My goal is to spend the next year using up and completing the many things I have started or collected over the years.  I hope you enjoy my journey.

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