Sunday, March 13, 2011

All on the Prairie

This weekend was amazing!  At the Wingfelder abode we had a sushi making tutoring dinner on Friday, a gathering of friends from school on Saturday, and our much awaited prairie birthday.  Now, did I plan for this eventful weekend???  Hmmm...... this wonderfully entertaining weekend was born out of my neglectful attention to my many calendars, that sit in my purse, hang on my wall and float around my desk.  

As I was driving around gathering the last details for Miss Maia's party, I heard a piece on NPR stating that people who surround themselves with friends and are active in the social happenings in their community, live longer.  Life is a blast, and I so want to live a really, really long, productive, high-energy life, so I guess my "mistakes" around scheduling might, just might, work in my favor.  

In between driving and preparing sushi and Julia Child's chicken fricassee and a log cabin birthday cake, I finished the sewing of an apron that I started a month ago out of some gorgeous cantaloupe colored linen,  and starched (yes, I starch) those bonnets.  To say I was productive this weekend wouldn't really fully describe the adrenalin that flowed through my veins.  Amazingly enough my stress level was really low!  I was focused, had my lists, didn't get distracted and now this Sunday night, I ate some outstanding leftovers and drank a beautiful glass of chardonnay, feeling a bit smug.  Here's to preparing for and surrounding yourself with friends!


  1. Really well done! I wish that we could have been there. Maia looked beautiful.

  2. Wonderful!!! Missing you all!!