Friday, March 4, 2011


My little Miss Maia is turning eight next week.  Birthdays are great fun.  They provide a thousand excuses to craft.  Maia has had a "Tea Party" birthday, a "Welcome Spring" birthday, a "Flower Fairy" birthday and a "Pinkalicious" birthday.  Being a bit of a book-aholic, each birthday was born out of different books we have read.  This year's birthday party is born out of her new interest in Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House" books.  We have heard all the early stories of Laura and her brave family.

 I think I could write a book titled Parenting Skills from Ma and Pa Ingalls.  It would include lessons such as - children do not need to know everything, parents expect their children to do what they say - the first time, children need to share - always, parents are the ones that will take care of every need a child might have, children do not need much more than a haystack to have a great day, parents are the wise ones and children are to learn from them, and my favorite - boredom is a fine thing.

I digress.... regardless of the parenting lessons we can learn from the Ingalls (and I do recommend rereading these books if you are parents...) the life lead by pioneers was full of creativity.  Just about every item owned was made by hand.  Wow... This seems to me to be a wonderful dream (minus the lack of running water and central heat).  The idea of making all day long makes my heart sing.  Well, Maia's birthday is a wonderful focus for making.  On the docket for this weekend are the following:  10 prairie bonnets (from my and my friend, Merideth's,  stash of old calico, 2 aprons, 10 "slates", and autograph books to share at the party.  I can't wait to see them all in their prairie best playing "hide the thimble."

In case you are interested....
The Flowers' Festival: Mini Edition
The Complete Little House Nine-Book Set


  1. Hi there HH neighbour. I LOVED the Little House books as a child. I'm sure I've read them each about ten times over,and I feel very confident that I could butcher a pig or build a fish trap out of twigs if the need ever arose! My kids never loved them like I did unfortunately, but I still have my full set (with ratty covers and loose pages..)together on my bookcase!Have a great party!


  2. Thanks Jenny!! I got the set of books as a nine year old and also read each of them many, many times. I have been lucky that all three kids have loved the books - we have even journeyed to three of the houses!! I totally agree with you - I think these are survivalist books in disguise :)