Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Longer Than I Thought

How many things take you longer than you think??  I tend to think that most anything will take me about...oh.... forty-five minutes or so....  well these absolutely adorable bonnets, that I eagerly began, and have sewed with love and positivity, have taken me much longer than those predicted forty-five minutes.  I finished them this evening and then noticed that before I could finish Miss Maia's little apron, I needed white thread.  Now, who doesn't have white thread??  Especially when you have 25 or so little spools of thread!!??

Well that apron, that really, truly, honestly should have taken about half an hour or so, will be extended by a round trip to JoAnn Etc., walking in through the pouring rain, finding the thread area (that somehow seems to move ever so slightly each time I go there), standing on the line that seems to take forever (I swear the cashiers have to be trained to take a long time with each customer - so you have to stand on line looking first at the many craft books and magazines - which crafters compulsively buy) then stand looking at their "$1" bonus buys right before the register (I really do think that Maia cannot survive without those little socks with shamrocks all over them for St. Patrick's Day.....).

So, in addition to expanding the time it will take to finish that quick little apron, made from an old sheet salvaged from my friend's fabric stash, this "no-cost" apron will only stay "no-cost" if I can resist those oh so carefully placed and marketed impulse purchase items.

The consolation prize?  Eight little girls, in prairie garb, playing "Hide the Thimble" on Sunday...


Here's a little needle-book that I made last week, to help keep track of my needles.  I was getting very tired of those little paper and plastic folders of needles that are so hard to get the needles out of.  It is made of wool flannel with more wool flannel appliqued on the front. I just loved the colors.


  1. The bonnets came out beautiful. I think that those little prairie girls will have a wonderful time. I am thankful we do not have a JoAnne's here, I am always wishing for fabric, but I think I would go broke if I could get it as easy as hopping in the car and being there in a few minutes :) Happy Birthday Miss Maia!!!

  2. The bonnets are great. I can't believe that you made so many! I finished my bag and will send you a picture.