Saturday, March 19, 2011

Distraction - Sushi

So, I love sushi.  I really do.

I wrote earlier of feeling absolutely certain that if I want learn something there is some way, some how or some one that I can find to help me learn.

I tried to learn how to make sushi by watching the sushi preparers at Wegmans.  If you didn't already know, Wegman's is our higher end supermarket chain, here in Western New York, and they provide just about anything you would want to buy relating to creating the most amazing food. If you do not have a Wegman's in your area, start to request that they open one, trust Alec Baldwin, he knows... they are absolutely wonderful.   They also offer just about any prepared food you could wish for - including twenty or so delicious sushi options.... I wax on.....

Well those sushi guys and gals weren't too inviting as I lurked at the edge of their kiosk, trying to glean any tips and techniques.  So, I was a good girl and sulked away and bought my daily fix.  Now, anyone that knows me, knows that if I really like something and have any chance of making it myself, I will buy books and raw materials, that will most often cost more than what I would have spent if I just bought the desired thing to begin with and I will try to make it.  Needless to say, I have more books on sewing, felting, embroidering, marbling paper, making paper, gardening, preserving, cooking, and so on than a person has a right to.  Not to mention those boxes and boxes of raw materials that started this project.

I have bought sushi books, mats, rice, vinegar, wasabi and all the other little fixings to make sushi, but after several meals of loosely wrapped, kind of yucky wannabe sushi, I was determined.  The rejection of Wegman's sushi chefs made me start to take inventory of who I might know that might be able to connect me to a sushi chef.  After thinking a bit, I realized that I had that very person in my life already!  One of my class parents is a wonderful sushi preparer, having had a small catering business of her own.  She was very gracious when I asked if she would be willing to help me in my endeavor.

She provided me with exactly what I hoped for and we had an absolutely amazing dinner with her and her daughter (who also graciously played with Miss Maia while we worked on the preparation of our feast).  It was so good, and I learned so much that I wanted to sing and dance.  That was a week ago.  This particular week was extremely busy and I mostly thought about making things, anything... rather than actually being able to put my hands on any of my projects.  This morning I woke up and we headed out to a sugar shack in celebration of "Maple Weekend."  We had a great afternoon of riding in wagons and tasting maple cotton candy and when I got home I was craving a quick and delicious dinner, before we were to set off to see the "super moon."  Sushi!!

I got out all my ingredients and set to work and forty minutes later I was heating the saki and putting out my plates.  Who says that hand work is restricted to fabric and tread?  Look at these yummy beauties.  Thank you Sachiko!!

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  1. That sushi looks wonderful, my mouth is watering just looking at it!! The boys tried to see that super moon all night, but the clouds were not being cooperative. To say they were very, very disappointed is an understatement. Miss you all!!